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About Cryptic Ocean

Cryptic Ocean provides a variety of budget cybersecurity solutions, like penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security audits, and incident response. These offerings are designed to assist enterprises and projects in recognizing and addressing security weaknesses and potential risks.

We also provide expert solutions for smart contract development and crypto wallet development. Our experienced team of blockchain developers is dedicated to creating secure, transparent, and efficient smart contracts and wallets, that redefine the way businesses operate by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and bringing your ideas to life through innovative solutions.

An expert in scrutinizing smart contracts for the enigmatic realm of cryptocurrency

Cryptic Ocean Services

Smart Contract Audit

Enhance the robustness of your smart contract while boosting its functionality through a comprehensive double line-by-line code analysis, coupled with an independent evaluation by a principal auditor.

Rely on Cryptic Ocean's expertise in blockchain protocol audits to guarantee secure and dependable transactions

Blockchain Protocol Audit

Our team of blockchain researchers will enhance the security of your protocol, making it more resilient against real-world cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Take a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities in your Web3 project by subjecting your systems to a controlled and secure simulated cyberattack.

dApp Audit

Perform an exhaustive examination of your decentralized application to guarantee a secure and reliable interaction with the blockchain network

Web3 Bug Bounty

Leverage the complete potential of crowd-sourced security through a curated network of over 20,000 ethical hackers from Cryptic Ocean.

Proof of Reserves

Proof of Reserves" is an autonomous audit undertaken by Cryptic Ocean, designed to verify the alignment between cryptocurrency holdings stored on-chain by exchanges and users' corresponding balances.

CCSS Audits

Bringing your security above and beyond with a CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor.

Tokenomics Audit and Design

Guided by experts, tokenomics audits enhance your Web3 token model, fostering stability, value appreciation, and investor confidence through an in-depth analysis of its design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptic Ocean is a smart contract audit and development company. Our team of experts provide tailor-made audit and development services, as per your requirements and in your budget

Audit cost varies based on the given project’s requirements and complexity. Cryptic Ocean provides tailor-made audit services, with lowest cost. Contact our team today to get a quote.

A blockchain security audit is a comprehensive review of a blockchain system to ensure its integrity, security and adherence. Audit is necessary to identify vulnerabilities, enhance performance and also to build trust with stakeholders.

Blockchain audits are crucial for every project in blockchain; be it a startup, established business, cryptocurrency project or an organization using blockchain technology. Smart contract audits help mitigate risks and demonstrate the project's commitment to security."

Risks include smart contract vulnerabilities, security breaches, data leaks, regulatory non-compliance and performance issues. Our expert auditors help projects identify and address these risks.

Audit process involves scoping, code review, testing, documentation, remediation and post-audit support.

Blockchain security audit’s benefits are:

  • Enhanced security
  • Risk reduction
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Increased trust from stakeholders
  • Improved system performance.

Audit duration varies based on the given project’s complexity. On an average, it takes a few weeks to a couple of months. Cryptic Ocean’s team provides a timeline during the scoping phase.

You'll need to share details about your project, its objectives, technology stack used and access to relevant code and systems. Our team will guide you through the specifics.

While audits are not mandatory for all projects, blockchain audits can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and also build trust of stakeholders

We have strict confidentiality agreements in place and our team follows a code of ethics to protect your project's confidential information.

If vulnerabilities are discovered, our team will provide a detailed report with recommendations for remediation. We also offer post-audit support to help you address these issues.

Yes, our team has expertise in various blockchain platforms and we provide tailor-made audit solutions to suit project’s specific technology stack.

To request an audit, simply reach out to our team via our contact page and we'll guide you through the process.

Tailor-made Audits,
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